NativeSkin access 20 mm


NativeSkin access® – Ready-to-use human skin model with silicone ring and dedicated culture medium – ext. diam. 20mm

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Please note that NativeSkin access® models are prepared with skin tissue obtained with the informed consent of donors in compliance with the Declaration of Helsinki and all other applicable regulations.

Maximum number of models per order
With a skin sample from one donor, we are able to produce a maximum of 30NativeSkin access® 20 mm.

Donor Restrictions
While we do our best to fulfill your orders following donor restrictions, Genoskin production schedule is subject to unexpected changes due to surgery cancellations, unsigned consent, tissue not meeting/reaching quality control standard etc… Donors can be male or female, from age 18-90, and of any phototype.
If you wish to specify donor restrictions regarding age, gender or phototype, please do so at checkout in the “Delivery Instructions” box.

Multiple Donors
Genoskin network of hospitals and surgeons allows us to access many skin tissues per week and to provide you with skin samples from multiple donors.
The best way to order NativeSkin access® from multiple donors is to place one order per donor. We cannot guarantee to deliver multiple donors on the same day.

NativeSkin access® models are supplied as ready-to-use kits. They are packed in a specifically designed box that can be shipped by express airfreight. The box is thermal-insulated and shock resistant.
While ordering, you will be able to select a preferred week of delivery. Genoskin production team works hard to respect your selection. However, depending on surgery schedules and the restrictions you need, productions can be delayed to the following week.
Note that your NativeSkin access® models can arrive at your facility:

  • From Monday to Friday for laboratories in Europe and Asia. Models delivered on Mondays are produced on Fridays.
  • From Wednesday to Friday for laboratories in North America

The expected delivery day will be communicated at least 24 hours in advance to your team.

If you wish to perform studies on skin microbiome, it is, of course, possible with NativeSkin access®. However, please note that it requires special conditions. Contact us so that we can provide optimal solutions for your research.

Cancellation Policy
NativeSkin access® orders are not eligible for cancellation or delay. Please note that if you are not able to receive the skin models as scheduled, you will still be invoiced.

Every kit contains:

  • The ordered amount of models, presented in individual inserts for a 6-well plate. The inserts are loaded in a transport plate covered by a lid. Every skin biopsy is firmly maintained in our proprietary matrix within the insert.
  • The required volume of culture medium to maintain the biopsies alive for 7 days (storage 4 C).
  • A QA/QC lot release certificate with donor information (age, gender, skin type, anatomical site).

If you have any questions about NativeSkin access®, email us at